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For general enquiries please fill out the form below or use one of the email addresses listed.
Use the General email address if you need to supply us with additional details. ie funding.
Employment Vacancies (look at our Careers Page).
Please NOTE centre utilities are dealt with by Head Office and not at the centres.

To Register You Child for a Place please click below and complete the form as fully as you can.
This gives us all the information we need to offer you the best childcare for your child.
This is a no obligation form and you do not have to take up a place with us, should you decide.

It has come to our attention that unsafe and spoof email addresses are being given out or proport to be from us.

ALL official email addresses end "". Under no circumstances should emails be sent to any email addresses that does not end this way for company business.
If given any email address that does no end this way, (even by a staff member) this is  unsafe and ask for the correct email address that has a ending.

In particular watch out for for email addresses using free providers such as
Yahoo, Gmail, Btinternet, Sky and Hotmail.
These are unsafe and do not go through our secure servers. They could be spoof or easily hacked.

If in doubt some of the official emails are below.
You can report any such occurance via our general email address.

If you are a rep and selling something DO NOT call the Centre phone number below.
All buying is dealt with centrally by head office including utilities. Use email address below.


Yew Tree Centre, The Bungalow, R/O Yew Tree & Tamebridge Community Centre, Redwood Road, Yew Tree, Walsall WS5 4LB
Main Entrance in Planetree Road (WS5 4EJ).

Head Office: 80 Lime Road Wednesbury WS10 9NF.
Tel: 07886334571

phone (Yew tree centre)

01922 907992
(Not to be used by Reps, all buying, inc utitlites etc, are delt with by Head Office.
Contact our Business Manager at head office).

N.Clarke and D.Duffill t/as Little Saplings Childcare Centres
Registered address: 80 Lime Road, Wednesbury WS10 9NF
Tel: 01922 907992
Ofsted Registered: RP546661,EY548662 ICO Registered.

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