Remember the child must have had their Birthday before or on the selected date.
Below are the options available. Full details can be found on our Childcare funding page LINK above
or at

1. ALL children of this age automatically get 15 hours free childcare. This is in school term time only for 38 weeks of the year. All other weeks have to be paid for. Plus additional hours can be purchased.

2. An additional free 15 hours a week of childcare is available to working parents. If a single parent or living with a partner. Each person must be working and earn less that £100,000 pa each. Apply for a code via the government website. Applications must be made and received by certain dates.

3. If in receipt of Child Tax Credits then they will pay 70% of any fees due all year round. Apply via them.

4. If in receipt of Universal Credit then they will pay 85% of any fees due all year round Apply via them.

5. If in Full time education then help is available apply via you College or University. 

6. Childcare Free Tax Credits. If a single parent works or both if they live together work. Provided each person earns less than £100,000 a year. Then pay your fees to us via them and they will pay 20% of your fees.

NOTE; Free hours only covers staffing costs other charges may apply.

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